Dancing Moon
Movement Teacher, Coach and Doula

Kristin Hauser
Acupuncturist, Yoga Teacher

Lara’s comprehensive understanding of the complexities and nuances of women’s health and sexual wellness is astounding. Her holistic approach to working with women is unique and effective. What’s more inspiring and instrumental is how she weaves this knowledge into accessible, thoughtful curricula armed with both academia and embodiment practice. Not only does Lara impart the pillars of women’s health and sexual wellness with experience and intelligence, but she also mirrors these complex practices herself, truly living what she teaches and demonstrating the beauty of community and holding space for others. There’s no doubt The Artemis School’s Women’s Holistic Sexuality certification program will give you the tools and approaches you need to work intimately and holistically with women, but it will also lead you on your own mind-blowing journey into your beliefs and your body. You will absolutely emerge from this training physically, mentally, and energetically transformed.
— -Melissa Brooke - Yoga Teacher, Sex Educator, Artemis School Apprentice

Fran Headley

Sofiah Thom
Teacher of Sacred Healing Arts and Expressive Movement

Working with Lara as a client in her private practice helped me gain the clarity and confidence I needed to start shifting things in my life that weren’t working for me, and give myself permission to follow my dreams. Lara possesses an unbelievable amount of information around health and holistic wellness and is actively empowering women to take charge of their well-being. Having attended a number of Lara’s workshops and classes over the years, I can attest to her ability to create a safe and loving space for participants to open, share, and receive information. Now, as a student at The Artemis School, I am continuing on my own profound healing journey, and am receiving the knowledge and skills I need to holistically support women in my own practice. Studying with Lara is a life-changing experience.
— Risa Pantoja - Birth Doula, Flower Essence Practitioner, Nutrition Nerd, Artemis School Apprentice

Ale Yasmin
Yoga Teacher, Entrepreneur

Elizabeth England
Artist, Entrepreneur

I have never been seen and heard like I have been here at The Artemis School. What that’s going to do for me in my personal life and in my career as a doula and as a sex educator is such a gift. I am really grateful for the experience that I’ve had here, the women here, and for Lara being our fearless leader. I would recommend this program to any of my birth worker friends. It has deepened my knowledge of birth and has provided me with a new perspective of myself in a really positive way.
— Zoe Etkin, Birth Doula, Sex Educator

Holly Sutter
Body Worker, Chef

Celina Wigle
Full Spectrum Doula, Sex Educator