A Meditation to Connect with Your Pelvic Muscles

The base of the pelvis, more commonly known as the pelvic floor, is a place in the body that often goes unnoticed until there is something wrong. But the base of the center of who we are deserves more attention and tending, even when everything seems to be working just fine. 

The pelvic floor muscles are responsible for pelvic organ support and function, sexual arousal, and spinal stabilization. The tension or lack of tone that we habitually carry in this three-tiered muscular structure can determine issues that may arise during sex, pregnancy, birth, postpartum, exercise, or as we age. In my work as a holistic personal trainer and sex coach, I find that most women have not yet developed felt sense of their pelvic floor. While this is incredibly common and fits neatly into the cultural shame and silence that occupies the genital space, it’s not ideal for a myriad of reasons. Learning to notice the levels of tension or relaxation (and any sensation in general) in the pelvic floor is the first step to prevent and heal pelvic floor issues, as well as safely make a connection to your sexuality via your genitals. 

I made this guided embodied meditation to help you develop a connection to this often overlooked, but essential central part of not only your structure but your vital energy as well. That’s right; when you learn to listen to your pelvic floor, you will also connect you to your intuition, creativity, and agency. The pelvic floor is powerful. Not in the vaginal weight lifting Kegel kind of way, but in the way that a felt sense of this place is a direct line to your inherent power to know yourself and act in alignment with your values.

Listen to the meditation here.



Emily Athena is a certified Artemis School Educator & Practitioner.