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Blood Magic: Harness the Superpowers of Your Cycle (FREE, ONLINE)

Whether you call it your period, your moon, your flow or your curse—your monthly cycle holds the keys to your feminine power. You will have between 350 and 500 periods in your life but sadly, no one has ever taught you much about what’s happening in your body and your brain during your fertility cycle.

Throughout the rhythm of the month there are changes to your hormones, emotions, brain function, energy and sexuality.  

You may move through this blindly and wonder why you sometimes feel so exhausted or have terrible cramps.  

Or, maybe you know a bit about what’s happening in your body but could dial it in to really leverage your cycle for balanced energy and even more radiant health. 

In this one hour interactive class, you will learn:

-Why you must think twice about the pill
-How to rock out your life in alignment with your cycle
-Methods for natural birth control
-Moon mysteries for exquisite self care and deepening intuition

We will begin with gentle yoga to maximize your mojo and end with questions from you! You can ask me anything you want about your lady parts. Really, anything!

This class is for YOU if you:

-Want to tap more deeply into your Feminine Power to take your life to the next level
-Have struggled with reproductive health challenges (PCOS, endometriosis, fibroids, PMS)
-Want to give up your hormonal contraceptives
-Are a practitioner (healer, therapist, sex educator, doula, yoga teacher etc.) that wants to support female clients more effectively

and . . . IF YOU’RE A WOMAN.

Join us in this worldwide virtual circle! The class is live on Tuesday, August 25 at 7pm PST, 10pm EST. Everyone who registers will receive a link to the video recording.


For the past 10 years I have worked as a yoga teacher, birth doula and somatic sex educator. I have pioneered a path in creating savvy, body-based and holistic sex education for women. Today I train other women in the teachings I've gathered as the creatress of The Artemis School for Women’s Sexual Wellness. While I've learned a ton from my professional training, nothing has taught me more than my own healing journey . . .

For many years I struggled with the side effects of trying to control my body through birth control methods like the pill and IUD. I’ve also had crazy cramps, insanely sore boobs and ridden the emotional roller coaster to the point that I didn’t recognize myself the week before my period.  

It wasn’t until I befriended my cycle and reclaimed the power of my fertility that this all turned around. Now, I schedule my entire life in partnership with my feminine flow. I no longer get PMS and I feel amazing when I’m bleeding and look forward to it each month!  

As equal parts scientist and mystic, I’m excited to share with you how to harmonize your hormones and create Blood Magic!


Later Event: September 25
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