The Artemis School offers a 100+ hour year long dual certification program.  Upon completion of all requirements you will be a Certified Sex Educator and Practitioner of Women’s Holistic Sexuality.  

Most of our learning happens live and in person with three modules throughout the year in California.  The full certification includes our online Mystery SchoolBonus Business Track and private virtual learning center and forum.

The Artemis School currently offers three modules once per year:  Initiate, Thrive and Nurture.

There are two pathways to learning:

1.  Mastery Path - Commit to the full certification program

2.  Explorer Path -  Seek out individual modules at your own pace 



The Mastery Path (Dual Certification) Includes:  

  • All three modules (Initiate, Thrive & Nurture)—over 75 in person contact hours
  • Membership to our year long virtual mystery school
  • Three full color comprehensive manuals
  • Access to our private virtual learning lab and forum. 
  • Virtual live and recorded bonus business classes 
  • A one-on-one coaching session with Lara
  • Intimate class sizes of 13 students max
  • Access to the Artemis Sisterhood private FB community
  • Certificate of Completion in Level 1 Training of the Elemental Body™ Method (as part of Nurture module)
  • Dual Certification as a Certified Sex Educator and Practitioner of Women’s Holistic Sexuality upon completion of all requirements.

Whether you seek out individual modules or commit to the full certification you will receive:

  • An unrivaled literacy in women’s body wisdom and sexuality
  • Teaching, mentorship and communication skills to support women in sexual wellness, sovereignty and empowerment.
  • Embodied practices for healing and self care.
  • Comprehensive intake and assessment methods for various women's health challenges.
  • Inspiration and support from the Artemis Sisterhood, a global community of creative, intelligent, wild women.
  • Development of your fierce feminine leadership.
  • Transformation in your relationship with your own body and sexuality.
  • The uncovering and anchoring of your deepest calling and highest service in the world.