2017-2018 Artemis In-Depth

Live Experiential Virtual Course Series


This course series brings the depth, connection, exploration and embodiment found in our live Artemis School modules to an online video format. Each class is highly interactive with experiential practices, personal inquiry, partner and small group work, and discussion

In order to create a strong container, these classes are only open to Artemis School and Evoke Mystery School students. 

Classes are held one Saturday per month from October 2017 through June 2018 from 10am-12pm PST on the Zoom Video platform.  

Zoom will support us to work in breakout groups and dyads.

It is highly recommended that you attend live if you are able. Each class will also be recorded and you will receive access to the recordings through September 2018. 

For each class you will need:

  • A quiet, private space
  • Room to lay down and for movement
  • A candle
  • A crystal
  • Notebook and pen
  • Art paper and pastels or colored pencils

*Pre-requisite for all classes = Preview two video courses on Healing & Wholing with The Wild Feminine Map (one hour+ each). This will be provided when you register.  (This course was part of Initiate 2017 and Evoke). 

Specific required and suggested items for each class will be emailed along with your course access information.

The classes are grouped thematically by quarter and move from a focus on your individual journey to personal relationship and then to leadership--sharing your gifts with the world.  

All of these classes are included as part of SERVE, the Artemis In-Depth Mentorship program

Pick and choose your class schedule or take them all!

If you sign up for a full quarter or all of the classes, you will have access to The Artemis School Virtual Resource & Community Center where we also have space for interactive discussion between courses.



October 2017

Liberating Your Bodymind

Neuroplasticity & The Nervous System

Your nervous system is the edge of your evolution and the foundation for healing, intimacy and deeper states of pleasure. 

Through an accessible journey at the intersection of neuroscience and spirituality you will: 

  • Befriend the trickster of your mind.
  • Learn how and why spiritual and embodiment practices work.
  • Move out of rigidity and into freedom and flow.
  • Explore the art of doing less and receiving more.
  • Receive tools for deep relaxation, surrender, integrating trauma and creating new pathways of power and pleasure.                  

November 2017

Shadow Stalking

Light Work for Coming Out of Hiding

Your shadow is the parts of your psyche that you do not yet know. Your shadow is all that your ego is not--both the parts that your psyche renders too dangerous or unacceptable and the parts that are too great. The shadows of your unconscious hold tremendous resources and gifts available for your reclaiming.

  • Deepen your understanding of the shadow and shadow work.
  • Identify the inner resources that you already have.
  • Discover the roles of projections, transference and relationships in shadow stalking.
  • Explore a variety of experiential exercises and playful practices to reveal and reclaim your shadow's gifts.

January 2018

Activating Feminine Power

Boundaries, Consent & Discernment

Many of us have developed immature strategies to create boundaries that leave us feeling unexpressed and disconnected. Learn how your emotional intelligence, intuition and body signals work in congruence to guide boundaries.

  • Receive tools for energetic clearing and protection.
  • Uncover your personal imprints and habits that block you from communicating your truth.
  • Reunite the relationship between your power and voice centers.
  • Recognize and employ anger as a sacred ally.
  • Learn how sexual arousal effects your brain and your access to discernment and voice.

Quarter 1 - Live Check In & Q&A

Monday, December 18 @ 5pm PST


January 2018

Fierce Love

Communication & Heart-Based Conflict Resolution

It is possible to keep your heart open and to speak your truth when you are afraid, angry or feeling hurt. Clear, compassionate communication and connected conflict resolution are skills that we can all learn.

(This course will build off of the Activating Feminine Power course in December 2017). 

  • Understand and free yourself from the drama triangle and roles of victim, tyrant and savior. 
  • Learn to identify the different voices you communicate from and to align with your wholeness.
  • Reframe limiting beliefs and strategies around communicating vulnerable subjects. 
  • Discover how to create clear, empowered agreements for all relationships.
  • Learn the basics of Nonviolent Communication.

LIVE: Saturday, January 20 - 10:00am-12:00pm PST                                  Registration closes Friday, January 12


February 2018

Deep Connection 

Human Development & Intimacy

True intimacy creates space for mystery as well as closeness and can feed desire in long term relationships. Discover how to tap into the sweet spot of deeper intimacy and greater sovereignty and freedom.

  • Understand how you learned to bond in relationship and how to create something new.
  • Distinguish between false intimacy and true intimacy.
  • Untangle the web of losing yourself in relationship. 
  • Learn how intimacy leads to more fulfilling sex. 
  • Navigate the dance of interdependence between merging and polarity.

    LIVE: Saturday, February 24 - 10:00am-12:00pm PST                              Registration closes Thursday, February 22


    March 2018

    Ecstatic Sex

    Energetic & Physical Anatomy of Sexuality & Arousal

    • Breathwork for arousal.
    • Exploring the nine gateways of female sexuality.
    • Basics of men's anatomy and pleasure. 
    • The science of ecstatic sex. 

    LIVE: Saturday, March 17 - 10:00am-12:00pm PST                                 Registration closes Thursday, March 15


    April 2018


    Creating Content, Courses & Curriculum Development

    This course is all about moving from vision to action as we create structure and form for your great ideas. 

    • Establish purpose and flow: identify and execute learning benchmarks.
    • Incorporate experiential, embodied practices.
    • Sculpt the container:  expertly guide an environment that evokes high levels of receptivity and participation.
    • Incorporate ways of knowing for diverse learning styles.
    • Illicit real time feedback and learning assessments. 
    • Support students to integrate learning. 

    LIVE: Saturday, April 21 - 10:00am-12:00pm PST                                 Registration closes Wednesday, April 18

    May 2018


    Developing & Guiding Somatic Movement Practices

    A true somatic movement practice is one that is not externally directed or mechanical but a delicious, full mind/body/soul relationship to the present moment guided by natural, spontaneous internal impulses.

    • Explore different types of movement and the qualities they evoke.
    • Discover ways into listening for and following internally derived movement.
    • Learn tips for scaffolding an individual or group movement journey.
    • Practice guiding others in a full bodied, sensual movement experience.

    LIVE: Saturday, May 19 - 10:00am-12:00pm PST                                 Registration closes Thursday, May 17

    June 2018


    Leadership & Social Transformation

    We will explore how to lead the change every step of the way through your embodiment of:

    • Feminine leadership.
    • Social artistry and culture change.
    • Transformative education.
    • Social justice.

    LIVE: Saturday, June 9 - 10:00am-12:00pm PST                                 Registration closes Friday, June 1

    Quarter 3 - Live Check In & Q&A

    Monday, June 18 @ 5pm PST

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