2017-2018 Artemis-In-Depth Mentorship Program

With the spirit and energy of the Artemis archetype, women become activists for feminism and social justice—as well as environmentalists, defenders of wildlife and tree huggers. Women with an archetypal kinship with Artemis are called into action by outer events and an inner response to do something about them . . . These are women who call upon their intuition, depth of feeling, and courage to go beyond previous limits; who feel fear and outrage and have to adapt and endure and not give in or give up. Each has an inner spirit that is not subdued, a will that is not broken. Each in her own way is a quirky, independent, courageous person who is in uncharted territory—the metaphoric wilderness, the realm of Artemis.

To send an arrow to a target of your own choosing requires aim, intention, determination, focus and power. 
— Jean Shinoda Bolen, Artemis

Dear Sister,

It is with extraordinary pleasure that I invite you on an exalted journey into your personal Artemis medicine and the call to sacred activism. The Artemis-In-Depth mentorship program, Serve, is open to women that have previously completed an Artemis module (Initiate, Thrive or Nurture).

Serve is a 10 month, three phase journey aligned thematically with the energies of the seasons.  

This is an opportunity for you to show up to your sacred work on an even more profound level with a strong and steady container supported and held in community.


The invitation is to drop all of your identities and ideas about who you are, what you do or should be doing and how you do it so that you can enter a space of deeper listening and dance with what is emergent. From surrender we will allow ourselves to be guided by the signs, symbols and synchronicities that show up along the path. 

The intention behind the name, Serve, is to reclaim what it means to be in service from the martyr / savior / caretaker paradigm and to align service with authentic passion, embodied pleasure, sovereignty and in right relationship with giving and receiving. 

What is presented below is a general outline of the program. Your personal journey will be largely self-created and self-directed. The program will also be shaped by the participants so we will adjust content and practices based on your desires and also what is emerging in our shared space. 

Program Outline


Elements of Connection

  1. One-on-One Mentorship video calls with Lara (two per quarter/phase)
  2. Group Council Video Calls with all Mentees (two per quarter/phase)
  3. Private Online Forum for Content & Discussion
  4. Dyads - A sister partner for you to connect and check in with on a regular basis.
  5. Experiential Group Video Classes - (one per month) - Artemis module style embodied learning (movement, breath and energy practices, personal inquiry and reflection, deep imagery journeys, art, ceremony etc). These classes will be also open to other Artemis sisters and women in the Evoke virtual program.
  6. Quarterly Experiential Group Call Q&A - for reflections and questions related to the monthly classes.

Phase 1 - Soul

The first phase will be a focus on the journey inward to the true core of who you are. You will surrender your strategic mind and connect even more deeply to the essence of your destiny--the place guided by rapturous desire.  

We will continue the work of uncovering your limiting beliefs based on societal and cultural imprints and we will actively rewrite these stories and live into a bigger dream. We will be in a bigger conversation as to how the deep erotic and emergent feminine are coming through us individually and the collective.

Phase 1 Content includes:

  • Value, Worth & Money
  • Archetypal Maps for Healing and Wholing
  • Shadow Work 
  • Neuroplasticity, Nervous System & Trauma
  • The Evolution of Consciousness 
  • Boundaries, Consent & Discernment

Required Reading:  Overcoming Under-Earning by Barbara Stanny

Core question:  What is the larger story that I am in service to?



Phase 2 - Relationship

The second phase explores how the pulse of your soul--what you discovered in Phase 1--dances with the rest of the world.  We will explore both inner relationship--the inner beloved--and outer relationship--romantic relationship, parental relationship and relationship with the other-than-human world (nature, mystery, the cosmos). 

Phase 2 Content includes:

  • Communication and Relationship Skills
  • Heart-Based Conflict Resolution
  • Somatic Mentorship Skills
  • Human Development
  • Intimacy
  • Energetic & Physical Anatomy of Sexuality and Reproductive Health
  • (Maybe a class on men's sexuality?!?)

Required Reading:  TBA (Leaning towards Come As You Are by Emily Nagoski)

Core question:  What is my unique gift?



Phase 3 - Leadership

The third phase is focused on stepping into leadership and service in a bigger way.  Your primary task will be to develop an offering aligned with your soul image. You will have an opportunity to share an aspect of this offering with the Artemis Sisterhood. 

Phase 3 Content includes:

  • Creating Content, Courses & Curriculum Development
  • Guiding Movement
  • Social Justice 
  • Stepping into Leadership
  • And some cool things that I learn in grad school!

Required Reading:  Chosen by you

Core question:  How am I offering up my unique gift to the world (what is my delivery method)?


Phase 1

September 2017 - Admin Organization & First Group Council Call, Begin Required Reading

October 2017 - First Monthly Experiential Class, Individual Mentorship begins Sept/Oct

November 2017 - Second Group Council Call

December 2017 - Phase 1 ends

Phase 2

January-March 2018

-2 Individual Mentorship Calls

-2 Group Council Calls

-3 Experiential Classes (one/month)

Phase 3

April-June 2018

-2 Individual Mentorship Calls

-2 Group Council Calls

-3 Experiential Classes (one/month)

June - Final projects shared


Logistics & Time Requirements

-One-on-One Calls (one hour each, 2 per quarter) - you will schedule on your own via my calendar link.

-Group Council Calls (90 minutes each, 2 per quarter) - I will send out a doodle poll to get a sense of everyone's general schedules. We will schedule group calls when most people are available and will have some rotation to allow as many women as possible to join live. Unless you have a strict work or family commitment, it is highly recommended that you make attending these calls live a priority. They will also be recorded.

-Dyads - the recommendation is that you connect via phone or video at least once/month. This partnership will be self designed and self directed. There will be some practices/exercises that you will need to do together. 

-Group Experiential Classes (one/month Oct-June + quarterly Q&A) - These will likely be held on a Saturday morning for two hours. There will be some teaching/discussion and a good amount of time for embodied explorations. We will also break out into dyads and groups. Again, it is highly recommended that you make attending these live a priority and they will also be recorded. 

-Women in the mentorship will be receiving additional content and/or reflection questions related to the content in from the group classes once/month uploaded to the forum.

All of the above is a general total of 3-5.5 hours/month.

In addition to the above:

-You will be designing a daily ritual practice for yourself.  The idea here is to make a commitment that anchors you into your purpose and connection with mystery every day. It can be very simple and does not need to be time consuming. It can also evolve and change to serve in the most powerful way from moment to moment. 

-Plan to dedicate one hour/week to exploring this work through reading, doing practices etc. (And perhaps a bit more in the last phase when you are designing your offering).

-Weekly shares, reflections and contributions to the online forum.

-A dedication to do something out of the ordinary and/or out of your comfort zone at least once per phase.

You must commit to the full 10 month journey that begins in September.


Registration closes Saturday, September 30


$2577 paid in full up front OR $907/quarter

All women in the mentorship program will receive a discounted rate to the Sisterhood Gathering July 2018 in Lake Tahoe. We hope you can join us!

Bonus for certified students--free two year listing on The Artemis School website Practitioner Directory.  
Coming soon!!  (Value $250)

Next Steps . . .

1. Are you feeling the full body YES?  

Payment options--make your full or quarterly payment immediately OR pay a $450 deposit to enroll and save your space then complete first payment by October 1.  ($2,127 for full and $457 for quarterly).  

3. We will get set up and oriented in the first few weeks of September and have our first group council call the last week of Sept or first week of Oct. You can begin to schedule your one-on-one calls as soon as you would like.

Last chance to enroll is Saturday, September 30

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