Pregnancy, childbirth and the postpartum period are integral parts of women’s sexuality.  Understanding the physical and hormonal landscape of these rites of passage illuminates the intelligence of our arousal system and reproductive health.  

Over the past five years Artemis School founder, Lara Catone, has developed the Elemental Body™ method (formerly Restore Your Core) to support women in healing the profound changes that happen in their bodies as a result of having babies. It turns out that all women can be susceptible to leaky bladders, pelvic pain, organ prolapse and weak abdominals that disconnect you from your power center.  Welcome to the world beyond the kegel!  Nurture sets the stage for a lifelong, thriving sex life through the lens of working with the postpartum woman.

You will learn:

  • Tools for regulating the nervous system to promote both healing and arousal.

  • Assessment skills and methods for addressing common abdominal and pelvic floor challenges.

  • To teach the foundational exercises of the Elemental Body™ method.

  • The influences of gut health and scar tissue on healing.

  • Essential self-care for new moms.

  • How to maintain a juicy sex life through hormonal shifts and life changes.

The Nurture module includes a Certificate of Completion in Level 1 of Elemental Body.™

Nurture trains you in the Elemental Body™ method to support postpartum women and others in physical, emotional and sexual well being for a lifetime.




Restoring Radiant Health:  Gut Healing & Scar Tissue Remediation

Ellen Heed is revolutionizing women’s health and sexual empowerment with her attention to postpartum sexuality.  She has spent over 10,000 hours as a bodyworker, is a certified Shiatsu Specialist, a Craniosacral Therapist, an international teacher of human anatomy, a yoga teacher, and a certified Sexological Bodyworker.

In 2006, she launched the Women’s Sacred Anatomy Project, with the intention of teaching women detailed sexual female anatomy and educating women about the full extent of their erotic possibilities. Ellen is dedicated to helping women experience full sexual empowerment and their ecstatic potential.

Ellen wrote her PhD on postpartum scar tissue and sexuality.  

Savoring the Sacred Window of Postpartum

Kimberly Ann Johnson is an international yoga teacher trainer, Structural Integration practitioner, post-partum care revolutionary, and single mom to a 7 year old Brazilian daughter. After years of yoga practice, a healthy and an idyllic island pregnancy, she was shocked when her post-partum experience and recovery completely transformed her relationship to her yoga practice and womanhood in general. Completely torn and rearranged and told she needed “a total pelvic floor reconstruction”, she became determined to find the wisdom that would eventually allow her to heal herself. She traveled to Thailand, Malaysia, and her longtime residence Brazil, in search of holistic healing tools for new moms. Along the way, she was immersed herself in the old ways and used herself as a laboratory. Her biggest revelations came through the work of Sexological Bodywork and Somatic Experiencing.

She is the creator of Magamama--a virtual community and interactive guide for postpartum moms who want to heal their bodies, reawaken their libido, strengthen their relationships and mine the full experience of motherhood. 

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