Pleasure, Agency & Power

A Reclamation of Eros


for Women and People with Vulvas

Tuesday, May 28 at 10am PST / 1pm EST / 7pm CEST

In dominant western culture the erotic has been relegated to the profane, obscene, extreme and taboo. It is something that culture censors, represses, and objectifies. This leaves us with an unexamined and distorted relationship with sexuality and body.

We do not see ourselves mirrored or represented in the narrow boxes of sexual expression. We are left wanting— but not clear of what. The conventional paths and dominant images do not evoke, express nor satiate our desire.

The western mind has severed itself from the freedom, creativity and pleasure of the sensual, erotic body.

Yet, when we trace the origins of the erotic back to its source, eros of Ancient Greek mythology, we remember our own tradition of sacred sexuality—one that is rooted in primordial love, life-affirming relationship and is inherently unique and non-binary.

In this free class we will explore how we might reclaim the beauty and multidimensionality of sexuality through the personal and collective work of radically re-defining sex. We will begin to peel back the veil to discover—and liberate—the untruths perpetuated by dominant culture. This class is a lead up to our six week course, Radically Re-defining Sex.

In this 50 minute free class, we will introduce two core teachings of eros and offer embodiment practices to come into deeper alignment with your own erotic power:

  1. Anger as a vital source of clarity and agency. Learn how to make space for anger in your body and how to transmute it into creative action.

  2. Pleasure as the wellspring of personal power. Discover new pathways into pleasure and how pleasure not only nourishes and fortifies but is in itself an act of cultural transgression.

This free class is open to women and people with vulvas in order to create a space to explore our particular experiences in culture. As facilitators we aim for inclusivity and to center the voices of Lesbian, Transsexual and Queer people as well as People of Color. We are both white, cis-gendered women, Lara identifies as queer. Our personal and professional work is dedicated to liberating shadow and oppressive social constructs, this includes the recognition of our own privilege. We acknowledge that this is messy, humble work. Please read more about us below . . .

Join us live Tuesday, May 28 at 10am PST / 1pm EST / 7pm CEST

Your Facilitators


Lara Catone is a writer, transformative educator and coach, social artist and researcher of eros. All of her work is devoted to culture creation that fosters justice, equality, dignity, beauty, mutual power, epic love, and a thriving earth. 

Lara has facilitated diverse groups of youth and adults for 20 years through experiential education. A certified Somatic Sexologist, she maintained a private women’s sexual wellness practice in Los Angeles for nine years. She is known as an innovator in somatic (body-based) healing and learning and for creating powerfully engaging, alchemical group spaces. Her work has been featured in Yoga Journal magazine, and she has been a featured speaker and guide at 1440 Multiversity, Lightening in a Bottle, Shakti Fest, and the Telluride Yoga Festival.

Lara is the founder of The Artemis School. In 2014-2015 Lara produced the Sex Lab with Lara podcast. She is currently completing a Master’s Degree in Educational Leadership.

Lara lives in New York as an inter-independent queer woman resourced through a constellation of relationships with humans and the wild earth.

Emily Athena is a dance mystic, somatic sex educator, sexual wellness coach, and holistic movement teacher specializing in core and pelvis re-education. Her holistic approach is built on the foundation of embodiment and skillfully blends pleasure, sensuality, nervous system regulation, and functional, artful movement. She supports people to more fully inhabit their bodies, heal from pain and dysfunction, and unshame their sexuality.

Emily is the Director of Education at Love Revolution, a progressive pleasure boutique in Ashland, OR. Her credentials include a BFA in Contemporary Dance from The North Carolina School of the Arts, a certification in Somatic Sex Education from The Artemis School, Yoga for the Pelvic Floor teacher training, and a fourteen-year career as a professional dancer and fitness trainer. Emily believes somatic sex education is a form of activism by bringing personal sovereignty, agency, and pleasure to one’s body.