Radically Redefining Sex

A transformative journey for women & people with vulvas

This is an invitation for you, passionate one, igniting the fire of radical social change through tending to the work within. You, who feels called to bring all of your fierce self to this moment. You, social artist, who dares to light up the world with your turn-on and to nourish your life through deeply-felt pleasure. You, generative disruptor, dissolving the dualities and oppressive structures on the inside in order to heal what surrounds you. You, who is committed to living outrageous love.

We are, Lara Catone and Emily Athena, somatic sex educators, science geeks and nature-loving mystics. We have found that sexuality is all of the above and more. We feel enlivened by the cultural moment that we find ourselves in—one that is breaking down and re-defining how we think about gender, sexuality and power. We are called into the fullness of this work that is at once personal and collective.

We created this course to amplify the power of doing this work in relationship, in a way that is highly engaged, affirming and embodied. We invite you to join us in radically redefining, reimagining and reclaiming sex and the erotic as fortifying fuel, ecstatic evolution, life-giving creativity and anything else you discover along the way. In this intensive we cover all of the anatomy, physiology and neuroscience behind arousal and desire—specifically for female bodies. (You know, just all of the fundamental stuff that got left out of sex ed classes and medical textbooks).

What it is:

This six week experiential journey guides you through your unique sexual constellation including safety, connection, pleasure, personal power, desire, arousal, sensuality and erotic expression through the portals of:

-Action Inquiry
-Somatic Tracking
-Expressive Arts
-Cultural Literacy
-Shadow Work
-Deep Imagery Journeys
-Sacred Myth
-Embodied Practice
-Community Council

 How it works:

We meet for six consecutive weeks.

Each week, anchored by a specific theme, has three components:

  1. Sunday - we release new course content delivered via our online interactive classroom. (A mix of audio, video and PDF formats).

  2. Tuesday - we gather for a live, embodiment practice.

  3. Thursday - we gather live for Community Council and Q&A.

We will have three weeks of integration time followed by a bonus call.

Week 1: Sex and The Nervous System

Befriend your body. Recognize and regulate the stress response. Create a foundation of safety and relaxation in the body in order to open to pleasure and arousal.

Week 2: Sex and Culture

Sacrifice the cultural scripts that shame sexual expression and perpetuate a limiting gender binary. Liberate your sacred and authentic erotic essence.

Week 3: Sex and Pleasure

Learn the science of how arousal begins in your brain. Map your erotic wiring. Enter the realm of the sensual.

Week 4: Sex and The Anatomy of Arousal

Discover the uncharted territory of erectile tissue and physical pathways of arousal in female bodies. Call home your unique sexual energy and all of your sexy parts.

Week 5: Sex and Desire

Find and follow the curious spark of longing that beckons you forth on your journey. Embody your power of choice by courting your desire to guide you to the life only you can live.

Week 6: Sex and You

Integrate and celebrate who you are, now, as an erotic creature. Dance with the union of your distinct sexual nature and creative expression.

At the completion of this journey you will have a greater awareness of and connection to your unique sexuality and a set of tools for continued cultivation.

Sample Schedule

Sunday - New Content Posted
Online content is self-paced throughout the week. Plan for about 1.5-3 hours total for this part of the course which will include a combination of journaling, practices, audio deep imagery journeys, reading and video teaching.

Tuesdays live Embodiment Practice (aprox 45 min)
10am PT (US) / 1:00pm ET (US) / 7:00pm CEST (Europe) / 3:00am AEST (Australia)

Thursdays live Community Council / Q&A (one hour)
4:30pm PT (US) / 7:30pm ET (US) / 1:30am CEST (Europe) / 9:30am AEST (Australia)

Live sessions are also recorded and posted along with weekly content.

The Nitty Gritty

Here’s all of the details you need to know before applying . . .

All aspects of the course will be co-facilitated by Lara and Emily, we will take turns as lead facilitators for the Embodiment Practice Sessions and Community Council / Q&A calls. (Read our bios below!).

About Transformative Learning

This course is designed to be participatory and emphasizes experience over information. You will receive the most out of your experience, if you stay up with the content each week. While all sessions will be recorded and available in the online classroom, we encourage live participation as much as possible.

In order to truly unearth the radical and engage in a transformative experience we have to become stirred, disoriented and uncomfortable. An honest exploration of sex, gender and power will reveal shadow and evoke sticky spots. The alchemical process of this course is to lovingly embrace and transmute our woundings and challenges into personal and collective power. This course is not appropriate for folks that are actively healing trauma, in crisis, or are currently in need of extra emotional support or psychotherapy.

View our lead-in class to Radically Redefining Sex . . .

Pleasure, Agency & Power

A Reclamation of Eros

5% of tuition goes to fund The Anatomy Project, The Artemis School’s initiative to create beautiful, accurate images of the complete female sexual anatomy and to make them available to the public for FREE. Get a sneak preview of our images in this course!

We will offer one pay-what-you-can sliding scale scholarship for every 10 registered students. Scholarships are prioritized for historically marginalized people (Indigenous, Black, People of Color, (IBPOC), Lesbian, Transexual, Queer, Intersex folks and people with physical disabilities.


This course is open to women and people with vulvas in order to create a space to explore our particular experiences in culture. As facilitators we aim for inclusivity and to center the voices of LGBTQ+ people as well as IBPOC. We are both white, cis-gendered women, Lara identifies as queer. Our personal and professional work is dedicated to liberating shadow and oppressive social constructs, this includes the recognition of our own privilege. We acknowledge that this is messy, humble work. Learn more about us in our bios below.

Your Guides


Lara Catone is a writer, transformative educator and coach, social artist and researcher of gender, power and human development. All of her work is devoted to culture creation that fosters justice, equality, dignity, beauty, mutual power, epic love, and a thriving earth. 

Lara has facilitated diverse groups of youth and adults for 20 years through experiential education. A certified Somatic Sexologist, she maintained a private women’s sexual wellness practice in Los Angeles for nine years. She is known as an innovator in somatic (body-based) healing and learning and for creating powerfully engaging, alchemical group spaces. Her work was featured in Yoga Journal magazine, and she has been a featured speaker and guide at 1440 Multiversity, Lightening in a Bottle, Shakti Fest, and the Telluride Yoga Festival.

Lara is the founder of The Artemis School and producer of the Sex Lab with Lara podcast. She has a Master’s Degree in Educational Leadership.

Lara lives in New York as an inter-independent queer woman resourced through a constellation of relationships with humans and the wild earth.


Emily Athena is a dance mystic, somatic sex educator, sexual wellness coach, and holistic movement teacher specializing in core and pelvis re-education. Her holistic approach is built on the foundation of embodiment and skillfully blends pleasure, sensuality, nervous system regulation, and functional, artful movement. She supports people to more fully inhabit their bodies, heal from pain and dysfunction, and unshame their sexuality.

Emily is the Director of Education at Love Revolution, a progressive pleasure boutique in Ashland, OR. Her credentials include a BFA in Contemporary Dance from The North Carolina School of the Arts, a certification in Somatic Sex Education from The Artemis School, Yoga for the Pelvic Floor teacher training, and a fourteen-year career as a professional dancer and fitness trainer. She is currently enrolled in the three year Somatic Experiencing Professional Training Program to become a trauma resolution practitioner. Emily believes somatic sex education is a form of activism by bringing personal sovereignty, agency, and pleasure to one’s body.

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