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Radically Redefining Sex

A transformative journey for women & people with vulvas

This is an invitation for you, passionate one, igniting the fire of radical social change through tending to the work within. You, who feels called to bring all of your fierce self to this moment. You, social artist, who dares to light up the world with your turn-on and to nourish your life through deeply-felt pleasure. You, generative disruptor, dissolving the dualities and oppressive structures on the inside in order to heal what surrounds you. You, who is committed to living outrageous love.

This six week experiential journey guides you through your unique sexual constellation including safety, connection, pleasure, personal power, desire, arousal, sensuality and erotic expression through the portals of:

-Action Inquiry
-Somatic Tracking
-Expressive Arts
-Cultural Literacy
-Shadow Work
-Deep Imagery Journeys
-Sacred Myth
-Embodied Practice
-Community Council

 Learn In-Person

We are not offering live courses or our certification program at this time. You can read about our practitioner training program and previous course modules here.