For the Sexually Sovereign Woman

YES! There is more to life. Much more . . .

Women across the globe are hearing the call to create something new NOW in stewardship for the earth and the future children.  

Are you feeling this stirring inside of you?

Is there part of you remembering that it hasn't always been this way?

There was a time on the planet when people lived collaboratively with each other and with nature, women were revered for the creative powers of their womb and sexuality was an ecstatic expression of the divine

There is more pleasure, purpose, power, passion, prosperity and potential available to you than you've been led to believe. 

Welcome to Evoke, the place where you will discover your body as temple and experience the natural rhythms of life as your greatest power source.  ALL PARTS of YOU are invited and celebrated here.

Our next and FINAL spiral begins October 31

Evoke is The Artemis School’s Virtual Mystery School. This is where earth-based spirituality meets practices for self knowledge, womb wisdom and sex magic to ignite your full potential.  

ALIGN - with the sacred pulse of life and your deepest truth through the rhythms of the seasons, the moon, your emotional intelligence and your body.

TURN ON - Learn the art of sexual self cultivation and become your own best lover.

FIND FREEDOM - Become the mistress of your own domain. Strengthen your boundaries and your voice.

CONNECT - to your creative life force, a supportive sisterhood and the sacred mystery in all things.

STAND IN SOVEREIGNTY - Know your body, know yourself and develop a new relationship to true power.

Evoke guides you through a year long journey of reclaiming feminine wisdom through the wheel of the earth’s seasons and moon’s cycles.  

At each threshold you step through an opportunity to bring new meaning, more power and sacred integration to the entire spectrum of your life experiences as a woman.

What is a Mystery School?

Evoke is school for your soul.  A mystery school is born out of the knowing that your consciousness is evolving--that you have the potential to wake up, lead an extraordinary life and contribute your greatest gifts.

Mystery Schools offer a path toward co-creation with the web of life and the eternal, inherently intelligent and supportive energy that is in service to the great cosmic order--mystery.

Evoke Mystery School supports you in initiations and rites to reclaim your passages as a woman. From first blood to sex to motherhood and menopause you will be guided with maps and practices for communing with your body wisdom, the pulse of the earth and mystery. Evoke invites you to fully honor, participate in and love the wilderness of life

Evoke Mystery School is a personal journey through the feminine sex mysteries, completely virtual and open to all women!

The Evoke curriculum supports you in knowing deeply that:

  • Learning and spiritual development occur within the rich context of living your daily life
  • Sexuality and feminine cycles are the powerful, creative energy of the universe
  • Body, mind, spirit, emotion, energy and soul are one wildly complex and intelligent organism
  • Your body is an agent of wisdom that dances mystery into the physical world
  • You are the maker of your own magic
  • Everything is holy
  • The answers are within you
  • You are already whole

Evoke is a container of discovery for you to be held, supported, witnessed and inspired along your unique journey.

What is sexual sovereignty?

A path of sovereignty is one in which you are the expert of your own experience. Sovereignty is your personal power rooted in fierce love, service, radical choice, responsibility and collaboration.  A sexually sovereign woman has full agency over her sexuality and reproductive health.

Evoke offers sex education like you've never had it before. It maps female arousal and the fertility cycle while celebrating women's dynamic bodies and experiences through all passages of life.

What You Receive with Evoke Mystery School:

A blend of written, audio, video content and live video teaching along with practices for living wisdom on:

Sacred Sex | Movement & Energy Practices | Anatomy & Science of Sex | Ceremonies, Rites, Rituals | Archetypal Explorations | Personal Inquiry & Emotional Intelligence | Nature Journeys | Moon Cycles | Guided Meditation | Shadow Exercises | Somatic Education | Developing Intuition & Instinct

  • Entrance into the year-long virtual mystery school course
  • Monthly Live Video Teaching and Q&A with Lara Catone (7 total)
  • A new guidebook for each season with earth wisdom teachings, sex education and guidance for working with feminine cycles and archetypes (5 total)
  • Monthly online practices and rituals for embodiment
  • Podcasts and practices with our esteemed Guest Guides
  • Access to our interactive virtual course platform 
  • Access to our private community forum where you will be witnessed and held by a global sisterhood of women every step of the way
  • Bonus Opportunity:  Access to Artemis In-Depth advanced live, experiential virtual courses for Artemis School students and grads.

Receive one year of content & 7 months of live teaching for $297

We begin October 31

Your Guide


Greetings dear one, I’m Lara Catone, a modern day mystic dedicated to living magic into every day.  I am a writer, poet, dancer, student of life; a teacher of embodiment, sexuality and earth wisdom; and the creatress of The Artemis School for Women's Sexual Sovereignty. Most importantly, I am a western woman living in this particular time and place with a story that holds elements that are both deeply personal and universal. 

I am committed to cultural change that fosters ecstatic living and a thriving planet.  

My primary pathways for contacting these places in my own life have been through my body and in relationship to others including the natural and supernatural worlds.  The thread that weaves through all of these things is sexual energy—the pure, animating force that pulsates through every living being.  

I can now track that I have been a student of the erotic for as long as I can remember.  Throughout my life I can trace many initiations (including some deeply painful and challenging ones) in the realms of love, sex and relationship that have led me on this journey of body autonomy and sexual sovereignty.  

I am delighted to walk this path with you.

Read my full bio here.

It's time to come together to dream the world awake.


The Journey Through the Year . . .

Spring - Maiden & Virgin   

Elemental Magic:  Air

Rites & Passages: Birth, Childhood, Becoming Fertile, Puberty, Early Adolescence

Rhythms: Budding, Emerging, Expanding, Rebirth, Waxing Moon, Dawn

Rituals:  Imbolc, Spring Equinox, Circle Casting, Naming, Pleasuring, Visioning, Sounding

Sexual Cycles:  Innocence, Pre-ovulation, Exploration, Play

Guest Guide

Message from your Maiden

JOANNE AMEYA - Woman Rising
Joanne Ameya is the Creatress of the Woman Rising School for Moon Mysteries and Earth Wisdom. Her mission is training women to walk the path of the Medicine Woman through embodying Grandmother Moon and Gaia's medicines while also reclaiming their wild feminine hearts.


Elemental Magic:  Fire

Rites & Passages:  First Blood, First Sexual Experience, Conception, Late Adolescence, Early Adulthood

Rhythms:  Creativity, Passion, Stoking, Illumination, Transmutation, Destruction, Blooming, Full Moon, Noon

Rituals:  Beltane, Summer Solstice, Creating Boundaries, Drumming, Sexual Initiation

Sexual Cycles:  Ovulation, Fertility, Full Arousal, Sensuality, Seduction, Holy Union

Guest Guides:

The Red Thread

A passionate social artist and an advocate of the Earth, Laura Larriva Page blends her deep love of archetypal and developmental psychology, dance, mythology, ecology, and the study of many nature-based traditions into powerful, embodied explorations of Soul; all designed to coax the whole human experience back from cultural exile, and to catalyze deep, systemic shift in the lives of leaders. Laura is the founder of Quest | Practical Magic for Earth Based Leadership and The Red Thread Sisterhood. She is currently pursuing her doctorate in Imaginal Psychology and Cultural Leadership.


Activating the Warrioress
Social Justice in Women's Sexual Health Leadership

KARLA HAMPTON - Sensual Body Wisdom
Karla Hampton is a Sex Educator, Attorney, and the founder of Sensual Body Wisdom, LLC. As the Pleasure Practice Mentor, she helps women to tap into their pleasure power.  Karla empowers women to have the clarity, confidence and courage to go after what they want in life, business and the bedroom.




DANIELA R. MONTOYA-BARTHELEMY - La Loba Health & Empowerment
Daniela R. Montoya-Barthelemy is a Full Spectrum Doula, Public Health Consultant, Sex Educator and foundress of La Loba Health & Empowerment, LLC. She aims to empower businesses that are making a difference in the sexual and reproductive health of underserved communities and supports individuals as they navigate the life and death cycles surrounding reproduction.


Elemental Magic:  Water

Rites & Passages:  Sacred Marriage, Sovereignty, Childbirth/Becoming a Parent, Middle Adulthood

Rhythms:  Nourishment, Protection, Flowing, Deepening, Harvesting, Mystery, Waning Moon, Dusk

Rituals:  Lughnasa, Fall Equinox, Trance Dancing, Sex Magic

Sexual Cycles: Pre-menstruation, Birthing, Perimenopause, Receptivity

Guest Guide:

Quest with the Dark Queen

HOLLY E. HAMILTON - Awakening Avalon
Holly Hamilton, D.D., is devoted to women finding their unique and extraordinary direct intuitive connection to Source. She is a champion of all of the faces of womanhood, with a particular love for the Dark Goddess. Having taught the Divine Feminine Mysteries for over 2 decades, she brings a wealth of embodied wisdom to her work with women spiritual leaders. 


Elemental Magic:  Earth

Rites & Passages:  Release, Death, Rebirth

Rhythms:  Nurturing, Commitment, Sustaining, Grounding, Completion, Silence, Stillness, Dark/New Moon, Midnight

Rituals:  Samhain, Winter Solstice, Dreaming, Meditating

Sexual Cycles:  Menstruation, Abortion, Miscarriage, Still Born, Menopause, Postmenopause, Celibacy, Renewal

Guest Guide:

The Passionate Crone

An acclaimed psychotherapist, teacher and sexuality expert for 20 years Eva's mission has been to empower women and illuminate the ménage-a-trois of Soul, sex and science. Eva believes that self-love is the foundation for healthy relationships, and has helped thousands of people attract hot and holy love. Eva has trained extensively in mind-body philosophies and as a teacher of neuropyschology, she bodaciously reminds us that the biggest sex organ is the brain.

Eva teaches around the world and offers elite coaching and courses on self-love, pleasure and erotic intelligence.


Come Home to your Body, be held by Mother Nature’s Rhythms, Weave the Sacred into all of your Life.

Receive one year of content & 7 months of live teaching for $297


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