Are you part of a non-profit organization interested in developing health and sexuality education for girls, women and non-binary people?

Do you have experience raising funds for start-ups or nonprofits?

We are in the process of expanding our vision and magnetizing collaborators for the next phases of development. Please read on to see how you can be involved.

Vision Statement

We want to build a revolutionary institute that will:

Phase I

  • Educate women and people with vulvas about their wholistic bodies including functional anatomy, erotic power and sexual pleasure 

  • Create a library of free resources and education via The Anatomy Project

  • Develop leaders in the field of female body sexual health and wellness

  • Contribute to the fields of Transformative Education and Human Development through Action Research

  • Work to promote equity and social justice via access to body literacy education, awareness of societal power and privilege, and inclusivity of marginalized voices

  • Galvanize a movement of people that are committed to community building, civic engagement and centering gender equity and body autonomy

Phase II

  • Expand curricula to include youth and male identified people.

  • Create learning opportunities for both affinity groups and mixed group learning

  • Develop policy and legislative action arm

Beginning with freedom of expression and the evocation of life’s full potential for each individual vulva, we aim to impact whole systems global change. 

The Artemis School is calling in passionate collaborators aligned with this vision including:

  • Non-profit organizations invested in body literacy and sexuality education

  • Co-founders with experience in raising capital for nonprofit organization and/or start-ups

  • A co-founder that can help guide our vision on access and inclusivity

  • Funding, fellowship, accelerator, and incubator opportunities